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And to everyone who had visited, commented and fav my works from my humble dA gallery in the past and present. And thanks to MC-Frizzle for featuring this image:… to DD!. Appreciate it a lot. And it's almost 3 am now. Just came back from the New Years Eve countdown. Sadly, the fireworks was killed off by the thick smoke. It was a non windy day. I only got less than a handful decent shots of the Fireworks. But I do record a video of the 8 minute long Fireworks. Will share the video after I've uploaded it to youtube or vimeo. Happy a great day all and those who are still waiting to celebrate the New Years Eve countdown, here's wishing you all will have a great time!. :D
Well, it's more than 2 years I went to the New Year's Eve countdown. All packing and ready to go. I've less than 6 hours to find a vantage point and camp out till 12 AM. Hopefully nobody is going to throw m into the Marina Reservoir before the Fireworks start because when there's an overwhelming crowd, I start to get all tense up and can easily lose my temper with some inconsiderate people. So, here's hoping for the best!. :D
...and contemplating, I finally made up my mind and decided to dump my beloved "Late 2009" 21.5-inch 3.06Ghz iMac and bought the "Mid 2011" Core i5 2.3Ghz Mac Mini. And I'm loving it already. This Mini looks sexy. And it's no slouch. It outperforms my then iMac by quite a margin when editing/processing RAW  files from my Nikon D3S. It also does not break a sweat when I edited multiple RAW files from Nikon D3X and Canon 5DMkII. Going to test on how well it can managed video editing using FCP, FCP X and Premiere. I'm very sure it will stutter here and there. But since I'm not doing any heavy video editing, it shouldn't be any concerned to me. The next step to improved it's performance is to upgrade the RAM from the current 4GB to 16GB and swapping the stock 500GB 5400RPM HDD to Seagate 750GB 7200RPM Momentus XT (2nd Gen) HDD. But the upgrade won't be anytime soon since though. And not to forget, getting an IPS LCD monitor. Plugging the Mini using the HDMI cable to my 32-inch LCD TV is nice. But, since it's not an IPS screen, I'm a bit bothered.
*Crossing fingers and toes*...
will occur tomorrow! (It's a friday night here already). Total Lunar Eclipse that is. I just hope that it won't be a disappointment like the one in June where the sky decided to be cruel by covering the lunar eclipse with clouds, rain, lightning and thunder. Today's weather as at 8.30 pm now looks great. Hoping it'll be the same tomorrow. It's going to be quite a sight watching the full moon turn blood red for an hour. :D
And so, I've used OS X Lion for almost a month already. Since day one I have almost of problems running Lion except for a few minor blips and hiccups with certain 3rd party programs. All my adobe products works as usual after installing the latest Java script after the initial installation of Lion. And after reading some articles, I've created a bootable installer of Lion using one of my Sandisk thumb drive. So I'm well covered if the iMac HDD were to suffer a major malfunction. Or I can just used TIme Machine to restore everything as it is. Suffice to say, upgrade only to Lion if anyone likes the IOS feel and functionality since there's not much of a difference between Lion and Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is still a capable OS X.

And Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO. Still, the world is not coming to an end, at least for Apple though.
A celestial event that I wouldn't want to missed out. Even if it starts at around 0220 hours. Well, unless I'm sleeping soundly. :D
I would get a FujiFilm X100 for my birthday present. But oh was not meant to be. Will be getting one in a couple of months though.
Happy Birthday to me...
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And that's the reason I've been quite inactive here at dA. I just hope everything will be sorted out soon and life will be back to it's normal self. And that include some quality time being active again over here. Till then...I'm still alive and kicking.
Watching the tsunami reminds me of the 2004 asian tsunami is scary. And then they have to deal with the potential nuclear plants meltdown and 6+ aftershocks. What a sad day for the people of Japan.
Yeah, it's over. Goodbye...
I've always love the ads produced by SIA (Singapore Airlines). It has that romantic and relax feel to it. And the latest commercial… that was aired on 5th February is without a doubt the current best.
I was quite surprised and honored that this photo… was featured at DD. Thanks to and

Anyway, thanks again ladies and to all you who commented and favorited that photo. :D
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My 21.5-inch (late 2009) iMac LCD panel is having a problem again. This time, a horizontal black line appear on the bottom part of the screen. It really bug me to no end. It's the 2nd time within a year that the LCD panel having problems. The 1st was like around 4 months ago. And I guessed lucky me that the horizontal black line showed up today because the warranty for this iMac will expire on February 3rd which is like less than a week from today. Will be heading down to Apple Service Center first thing in the morning. So much for the "mighty" Mac....

And that just means I will not be with my iMac for a week again. Yeah it SUX0R, but it's for the better though. And I'm sure going to purchased the extended warranty. Jut to have a peace of mind for the next 2 years. Till I get back my iMac, I have to used my old workhorse, the iBook since my MacBook is with my other half since last year.
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to the countdown to 2011!. That's about 3 more hours. And I'm happily staying at home waiting for the fireworks that'll be shown live on TV. And including the concerts too. Yup, this time I'm saying home and not going to fight it out with everyone else for a spot to watch / photograph the fireworks.

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my deviantART friends and may the year 2011 will bring all of us good fortune!.
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Finally, decided to give Final Cut Pro 7 a try. After two days of tinkering and messing around with FCP 7, I finally have some ideas on how the thing work. At least the simple basic functions. Video was from my holiday to Bali in May this year. Recorded using the Nikon D3s which I bought like less than a month or so before the trip to Bali.

Link to the video:

And for comparison purpose, this was the unedited video that I uploaded to YT a couple of month ago:…

I think I did quite Ok since I  never really had any experienced editing videos using FCP 7 or any other video editing tools, except maybe iMovie. I still have a long way to go though. :D
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I wonder if there's any mosquitos in the north and south pole?. And which is the correct spelling, Mosquitos or Mosquitoes?. Hhhmmm...
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Been quite inactive here in dA lately. Things haven't been very good to me lately during the later half of 2010. But as the saying goes..."Patience is a virtue".
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